Sunday, December 11, 2011

Thank God I'm a mutant!!!!

Went to oncologist appointment #2 on 11/21/11 after being x-rayed, photographed, poked, prodded, talked about, written about, and otherwise medicalized!! Oh this 15 minutes of fame continues but will I ever make it to the pages of People Magazine? I can only hope. I've been on targeted chemo in pill form (1 pill every day) for about 6 weeks. Thankfully, my lung biopsy showed genetic mutations that make the tumors susceptible to targeted chemo which can be quite effective and carries few side effects. I have developed the Tarceva rash which, as far as chemo side effects go, is no big deal. I simply have a goatee shaped area of acne which rivals anything I had a a real teenager. And, what a bonus, some of it is in the wrinkles going from my nose to my mouth. Presto chango, wrinkles gone. I hate to inform you my middle-aged sisters, but Tarceva is NOT available on the street. Yes, it is a bummer. And don't come begging me for any 'cause I ain't giving any up because, you guessed it, it IS working. Good news, the larger tumor in the left lung is smaller on the x-ray. Yes, I still have a gazillion little tumors in both lungs but the mongo SOB is smaller. Go Tarceva, go!!! Also, what looked like possible lesions on my brain were only shadows. Can we all give a collective sigh on that one?! I'm slightly attached to my brain, and we're not talking just a physical relationship here. She and I have been together for quite some time now and I'm not willing to give her up. Also, the trans vaginal ultrasound I was oh-so-lucky enough to have showed only a few small fibroids - nothing to worry about. But, please don't tell Fran the man - he'll be upset that I got some action on the side - action I could have done without but action nonetheless!! So, I don't have to go back to the oncologist for 6 whole weeks - yea!! I do have to start IV osteoporosis medication to help stabilize my bones in order to avoid spinal fractures in the area of the spinal metastasis. But, bottom line is......... it is official and THANK GOD I'M  MUTANT!!!!!! 

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