Thursday, December 8, 2011

it's going to be a bumpy ride......

We're doing well, badly, and/or OK depending on the day!! Nova Scotia was wonderful (good). I am now on oxygen all the time which has made a huge improvement (good). I also have a wheel chair so I can go for walks (good) if I have a pusher (OK). My sister from FL was here (good) but she left last Sat (bad). I've had visitors galore (good) but I find that I really need alone/down time which has been nearly impossible with all the activity (bad). As it turns out, my employer doesn't offer any type of long term disability (bad) so I just met with a disability lawyer to file for social security disability (good) but the first possible payment I could get wouldn't be until April (bad). My lung biopsy showed that I do have the type of lung cancer that is susceptible to targeted pill treatment that carries minimal side effects (good). But, my co-pay originally was $1500 per month (REALLY BAD). If I go through a specialty pharmacy it is $885 per month (still bad). I contacted the drug manufacturer and was able to get assistance and only have to pay 20% of the co-pay (good) but that will only last for about 5 months (bad). They also have a program that links patients up with non-profits that give grants to help pay for medication (good) which I will pursue shortly. I started treatment a little over 3 weeks ago and did get the rash side effect that makes me look like I have teenage acne (bad) but it does seem to be getting better slowly (good). I had a repeat chest x-ray that "looks better" than the previous one - the larger tumor in the left lung is smaller - yea (very good) but the gazillion small tumors are still there (bad)!!!!! Also, what had looked like possible brain metastasis was no longer present on my most recent brain MRI - another yea (very good)!!!!!Unfortunately our beloved, ancient, half blind, toothless Ralphie the cat, who adopted my father after my mother died, got run over last Thursday 11/17 (very bad). Needless to say we're all very sad. He was the darling of the neighborhood and had his visitation/mooching route so I'm sure the neighbors will miss him too. So, there it is - our crazy roller coaster ride - in a nutshell.

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