Thursday, December 8, 2011

fasten your seatbelts.........

So, here goes..... Went to my GP last Monday 9/12/11 & was having a lot of trouble breathing. She immediately sent me to the ER were they did labs, chest xray, & chest CAT scan. Xray & CAT scan looked horrendous so they immediately decided to admit me & put me in isolation for possible TB. Ended up having an echo cardiogram, broncoscopy, bone scan, brain CT, abdominal CT, & left lung biopsy with a temporary chest tube (already out). Bottom line is it's not TB so thankfully I was taken off of typhoid Mary status but it is stage 4 adenocarcinoma of the lungs which has spread to several areas of my spine. There is also a nodule on my thyroid so I will need a thyroid ultrasound, an area of thickening in my uterine lining so I will need a pelvic ultrasound, and a lesion on my brain (frontal lobe of course) which will need to be watched. The purpose of the lung biopsy was to have tissue for genetic testing on the cancer cells to determine which treatment will work best - still awaiting those results. I got home yesterday Sunday 9/18/11. I plan to go out on disability and the treatment will probably be for at least 6 months - will learn more when I meet with the oncologist. So, how about that for a hit up side the head with a 2 X 4. One of the highlights of this whole deal was having the underwear I wore into surgery returned to me in a bio hazard bag - what do you think they were trying to tell me??!! So, I'm home & doing OK - glad to be back with my handsome man & snuggling with the animals but my head is still spinning. Fran seems to be doing OK but shaky as is Rob (my son). I have several Dr's appts during the next 10 days but, as soon as we can, Fran, Rob, & I are heading to Nova Scotia by car - I can't fly b/c of recent surgery. So, basically we are in the WTF place right now. Plans are to eat massive amounts of ice cream so I can pack on the lbs & squeeze as much out of life as we can!!!! After all, it's really about LIFE anyway.

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