Monday, January 23, 2012

The hair, it hath it's own humor

Recently I've noticed several, shall we say interesting, developments.

 It seems that my leg hair has, for all intents and purposes, stopped growing. I shave my legs and two weeks later I barely have stubble. It may be several months before I need a new razor blade. I can only hope that this, and I, last through the summer. [Ah yes, the black humor raises it's ugly, yet delicious, head once again - so sorry but I can't help myself!!!]

I have also noticed that my eyelashes have grown longer and have the cutest little curl to them. I can still hear the clang of the eyelash curler against the side of the trash can. Oh happy day!! And mascara, my cohort, my leige, my friend, my lover, always begging to adorn the sweetly feminine curtain that sits atop my eyelids. We can't get enough of each other, may we never be parted.

Oh, such a perfect specimen of shear femininity I have become, between the silky smoothness of my legs (post uber slathering of nuclear strength creamy lotion, of course) and the princess-ly quality of my eyelashes.....

And yet, what is this I spy? Could it be? Oh, please, show me not these long, coarse eyebrow hairs, so unbefitting a maiden of such fair countenance (or at least hairless legs and long, curly eyelashes). These eyebrows do mar the portrait of this fair maiden in their manliness and suggestion of excess testosterone. What conclusion is to be made from such a collection of features as this? Yea, who doest tread these lonely halls, is it a man of womanly features or a woman of manly features?

Oh, despair, it is neither (pronounced n-eye-ther).

It's just some chick who's on Tarceva.

P.S. We've been dining on a succulent banquet of the series 'The Tudors' - can you tell?!!!


  1. What's this? Methinks your eyes do Tarceva you! And these brows, once loyal only to their own true orb, alas do now conspire to grow and join each the other together in unwholsome union. Declare you must that Nair the twain shall meet! (product placement)

  2. After the Tudor's (did you get to the part with the manservent and the hand towel?) try "Downton Abbey" not as decadent but enjoyable! :)

    1. OMG - yes the manservant & the hand towel - not an image I'll soon forget!! We're trying for season 1 of Downton Abbey from the library (cheapest rental in town) without much luck though. Have you read any of the Janet Evaovich books about Stephanie Plum the bounty hunter from Trenton - complete LMAO books - if you haven't tried them yet I think you'd enjoy them. XOXO to you & family

    2. Get on the waiting list, there are so many awesome sublety's that I am sure you will love it. Another droll but Brit humor kinda show is called Doc Martin. Weeds,you have to watch Weeds!!!! And yes I have read those books up till number 14 i think. Yes they are fun romps, and a movie is now out with Kathryn Heigl playing Stephanie Plum. If you want some drama, action, HOT stuff try "The Black Dagger Brotherhood books" There are about 8 of them, they sizzle, in a vampire kind of way. By the way I have shelves and shelves of books if you need any I would love to share/contribute!
      Lots of XOXOX to you and Fran. I think about you a lot and hope your every "little" thing gets "littler".