Monday, February 6, 2012


UGH -- getting over strep throat. I completely forgot how miserable strep throat was - kind of like the post childbirth amnesia phenomenon I suppose. It did make me channel my inner homeopath though - you know, use like to treat like. Since the back of my throat was burning with the intensity of a five alarm house fire, I seriously considered using a red hot poker to annihilate my tonsils into distant memory. But, alas, all our wood was too wet to start a fire. Life just refuses to cooperate sometimes, dang it!!!! But, thanks to the wonders of the z-pack, the back of my throat is merely smoldering and my rating on the energy-o-meter has moved into the positive numbers and is hovering somewhere around a 2 1/2.

WTF - just looked outside and there's a swarm of gnats outside the window. What season is this? How long did I sleep last night(s)? Do I need to change my name? Fran Van Winkle or Rip Van Cauffman - can't decide which works better. Any votes?

My next oncologist appointment was scheduled for this Thurs. To prepare I need to get chest and abdominal CT scans, with contrast. The thought of loading up on CT dye at this point does not particularly warm the cockles of my heart, what ever they may be. So, it was rescheduled for Tues, aka Valentine's Day. Maybe what I'll do is pack a romantic picnic for the man and I. We can spread a blanket on the floor of the doctor's office and eat fried chicken and potato salad by the light of a flameless candle. Romantic, isn't it - just like the 1950s. I'll have to wear my best girdle and helmet-headed-hairdo. Ooooh the visual!!!

Join me my friends, especially you big balding Bill since you know all the words............. I feel pretty, oh so pretty, I feel pretty and witty and gay, and I pity, any girl who isn't me today......

So, peeps, wishing you a very pretty day!  ; )


  1. Wow, a picnic on V's day. The closest Jackie and I will get is a phone call :-(. Hoping you hear only good news. Avoid swarming insects and have a good day.

  2. Sorry to hear about your strept throat. Not nice. I too have l.c. When I get that throat problem..which likely comes from my low lymphocyte count and poor immune system, I eat a big piece of garlic.
    Its hard to get down but it works. Good luck. I like your blog.